Hello and Happy Friday!

What a week it has been.  We are moving into full swing with our outreach and media approach and were the subject of some very kind and generous write-ups:

"As regular readers of this site know by now, I’m generally not a big fan of music docs, but the story of Haynes and The Legendary Escorts promises to explore deeper issues, becoming more than just a glorified concert film.... the group has the potential of connecting with a whole new generation that could gain inspiration and insight from their history, whether viewers are soul music fans or not."

- Basil Tsiokos, full article @ what (not) to doc

"... there’s a lot more to this tale of faith, race, justice, injustice, perseverance, rebirth, and the power of music to shine a light into the darkest places....  For our part, we’re hooked."

- full article @ MusicFilmWeb.com

As well as countless posts on the National R&B Society page, Soul Patrol newsletter, and even a retweet from Questlove of the Roots!

We're so thrilled everyone feels as inspired as we do by The Legendary Escorts.