inding a subject to make a feature length documentary on is no easy task. When my friend Christopher Black came to me in February of 2012 about this project I had already begun filming another piece about the current California Gold Rush. I was hesitant to meet about another thing , to add something else to my plate, but I was having difficulty finding a central character that could hold an audience for 90 minutes. That is what was completely different about The Legendary Escorts.

When I first heard they recorded two albums while behind the bars of Rahway State Prison I was absolutely blown away - as many people are when I tell them this initial “hook” and achievement. However, after meeting and spending time with the group I’ve come to realize that The Escort’s unique history is not what makes them special, but rather it’s their incredible perseverance and ability to overcome any obstacle that comes their way. The same dedication that allowed founding member Reginald Prophet Haynes to record music behind bars is abundant as well in todays group members, William Billy Martin and LaGrant Carlos Harris. Collectively, this persevering spirit has allowed the group to overcome cancer, fight wrongful imprisonment and spread their message of peace and love to millions.

The energy behind The Escorts is contagious. At their shows I’ve seen womens' eyes well up when they hear La’Grant hit the high notes on “Oh Baby Baby”. On the street, I’ve seen men that struggled with keeping themselves out of prison come up to Reggie and Billy and give thanks for being a beacon of hope. No IHOP meal is complete without an excited fan shyly approaching the table, asking for an autograph, and beaming with joy to explain how much the group's music truly means them. The Legendary Escorts were put here to inspire, and spreading that message is exactly why I want to make All We Need Is Another Chance.

All We Need Is Another Chance is the perfect story, full of characteristics that make a classic: adventure, aspiration, betrayal, love, sadness and humor. To me a good film is one that takes you on a journey through all of these emotions, and allows you to leave it feeling thoroughly entertained, encouraged, and, most importantly, inspired. This documentary truly has a little bit of something for everyone.

Thank you for the support so far. Every little bit gets us closer to seeing this project completed!

-Corbett Jones | Director