WHEN WE MET REGGIE, BILL, AND LA'GRANT we had no idea where their story would lead us, nor of the incomparable education they would extend to us over the next four years of our lives. Over Easter Dinner we received the rundown on how Reginald "Prophet" Haynes fell into the prison system, the subsequent, unthinkable music career he found inside, and the unexpected twists that almost ruined it all. The "Prophet" designation proved true.

We were also wholly unaware of how the world was poised to change, how a renewed civil rights movement would arise to highlight gross injustice and strengthen the voices of the disenfranchised. 

In the discord of the world today, the hopeful harmonies of The Legendary Escorts are a balm sorely needed by hurting communities across the nation. 

So, with that said, we are so grateful and so excited to share this film with everyone. We hope it brings you the renewed faith and optimism we received.

"Please increase the peace, for love is truly where it's at" - Reginald Prophet Haynes


Corbett Jones / Director
Anna Rau / Producer
Christopher Black / Co-Producer